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Performance Testing using LoadRunner

Performance Testing using LoadRunner

Test, Analyze, and Enhance Application Performance

Program Overview

LoadRunner is a powerful and feature-rich tool for performance testing, offering a wide range of capabilities to simulate realistic user loads, monitor system resources, and analyse test results. It helps identify performance issues, optimise application performance, and ensure a positive user experience under different load conditions.

The Performance Testing using LoadRunner professional training by Uptut is designed to provide participants with comprehensive knowledge and hands-on experience in utilising LoadRunner, a leading performance testing tool. This course equips participants with the skills to effectively plan, execute, and analyse performance tests to ensure optimal application performance.

During the course, participants will learn the fundamental concepts of performance testing and gain a deep understanding of LoadRunner's features and capabilities. They will explore various protocols and techniques for simulating realistic user loads, generating high volumes of virtual users, and measuring application performance under different scenarios under the guidance of our expert trainers.

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Why Performance Testing Using LoadRunner for Your Business?

  • Ensure Optimal Application Performance: LoadRunner assesses application performance, addresses bottlenecks, and ensures optimal user experience.
  • Enhance User Satisfaction: LoadRunner helps you uncover and resolve performance issues, such as slow response times, crashes, or scalability limitations, before they impact end users.
  • Mitigate Business Risks: LoadRunner empowers your team to identify and mitigate performance risks proactively, reducing the likelihood of system failures, downtime, or data breaches that can harm your business.

Make Your Team Proficient

Training Objectives

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of performance testing concepts and its importance in software development.
  • Familiarise participants with the features, components, and architecture of LoadRunner.
  • Learn to record user interactions effectively and customise scripts for realistic performance testing scenarios.
  • Understand the techniques for parameterisation and data-driven testing to simulate dynamic user behaviour.
  • Develop skills in designing test scenarios and workloads to emulate various load conditions.
  • Learn how to utilise LoadRunner's performance monitors to capture system metrics and identify performance bottlenecks.
  • Gain proficiency in defining and monitoring application transactions to measure response times and success rates.
  • Develop the ability to analyse and interpret test results to identify performance issues and trends.
  • Understand advanced LoadRunner features such as correlation, think time, rendezvous points, and pacing.

Hands-on Experience with Tools

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Core Training Modules

  • 1. Introduction to Performance Testing:
  • Understand the fundamentals of performance testing and its significance in software development.
  • 2. LoadRunner Overview:
  • Explore LoadRunner's leading performance testing tool's features, components, and architecture.
  • 3. Recording and Scripting:
  • Learn to record user interactions and customise scripts using LoadRunner's Virtual User Generator (VuGen).
  • 4. Parameterisation and Data-Driven Testing:
  • Discover techniques to create data-driven tests and parameterise user inputs for dynamic simulations.
  • 5. Test Scenarios and Workloads:
  • Design and configure test scenarios and workloads to simulate realistic user behaviours and load conditions.
  • 6. Performance Monitors and Analysis:
  • Utilise LoadRunner's performance monitors to capture and analyse system metrics during performance tests.
  • 7. Transaction Monitoring:
  • Define and monitor application transactions to measure response times and success rates.
  • 8. Results Analysis and Reporting:
  • Analyse and interpret performance test results using LoadRunner Analysis and generate comprehensive reports.
  • 9. Advanced LoadRunner Features:
  • Explore advanced features of LoadRunner, such as correlation, think time, rendezvous points, and pacing.
  • 10. Integrations and Extensibility:
  • Learn how to integrate LoadRunner with other tools and extend its functionality using APIs and customisations.
  • 11. Cloud and Mobile Testing:
  • Leverage LoadRunner for cloud-based load generation and mobile testing to assess performance in diverse environments.
  • 12. Best Practices and Performance Optimization:
  • Understand industry best practices for performance testing and optimisation techniques to enhance application performance.
  • 13. Infrastructure Planning and Resource Allocation:
  • Gain insights into infrastructure planning and resource allocation for performance testing using LoadRunner.
  • 14. Test Execution and Analysis Strategies:
  • Develop effective strategies for executing performance tests, analysing results, and identifying performance bottlenecks.
  • 15. Real-World Case Studies and Practical Exercises:
  • Apply the knowledge gained through real-world case studies and hands-on exercises using LoadRunner.

How does personalized training work?

Analyzing skill gap and assessing business requirements
Customising curriculum with core and additional modules to fit objectives
Supporting learning implementation with consulting

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Quality Assurance/Test Engineers
  • Performance Testers
  • Software Developers
  • Test Managers
  • System Administrators

Is this training right for your team?

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