Reduce time to release and leverage data-driven testing with Test Automation

Cloud Optimisation

Automation has enabled businesses to marginally lower costs and efforts, especially when it comes to software testing. While some manual tests are invaluable, others can be automated for efficiency.

At Uptut, we perform test automation by preparing carefully designed test scripts aligned with not just your current data but future objectives as well. We help your team overcome the burden of manually testing repeated tasks with data-driven, automated testing. Leverage a faster feedback cycle and achieve 100% test coverage with support from our Software Testing experts.

Why invest in Test Automation for your business?

Reducing repeated efforts with reusable test scripts
Quicker time-to-release and shorter feedback cycles
Lower business costs and increased capacity of team
Enhanced quality of testing

Uptut's Test Automation Roadmap

rodemap image

Automating critical tests for efficiency

Compute costs
Acceptance tests
Managed Service costs
API tests
Storage costs
Integration tests
Support costs
Regression tests
Bandwidth costs
Performance tests
CPU Utilization
Smoke tests
Memory Utilization
System tests
Disk Utilization
Unit tests
Disk Utilization
User interface (UI) tests

The Uptut Edge : Our Differentiators


Each project personalised for you

Unique processes customised to fit your project
Choose one-time or sustained design consulting
Global support: work with consultants in your timezones

Expertise that positions you at the top of the market

Best practices implemented by experts with 10 years of average experience across major industries
Next-gen technology and automation techniques used for testing

Get more than just a report.

Detect issues faster and make them easier, quicker, and cheaper to resolve.
Proactive test design to have a clear view of hidden issues and bottlenecks
Summary reporting for key stakeholders and detailed assessment for your technical team

Crucial Resource Savings. Flawless end products.

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