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Quality Assurance Foundations

Quality Assurance Foundations

Ensure your product or service meets the best quality standards

Program Overview

QA is an important part of the development process and is typically integrated throughout the entire lifecycle of a product or service. It helps to identify and fix any defects or bugs in the system before it is released to the end-users which is useful in ensuring that the final product is of high quality, performs as expected, and is free of any serious issues that could cause problems for the users.

Uptut's comprehensive training on the fundamentals of Quality Assurance (QA) in software development is specifically tailored for corporate professionals who are interested in expanding their knowledge and skills in QA to improve the quality of their organization's software products.

The training specialty of Uptut lies in the emphasis on practical and hands-on learning. The course curriculum is designed to provide a balance of theoretical knowledge and practical skills delivered by highly trained professionals.

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Why QA for your Business?

  • Improving product quality: Results in improved customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.
  • Reducing costs: By detecting and fixing defects early in the software development lifecycle
  • Ensuring compliance: QA can help ensure that products and services meet these standards, avoiding potential legal and financial consequences.

Make Your Team Proficient

Training Objectives

  • Introduction to Software Quality Assurance
  • Understanding Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Knowledge of how to use the Types of Testing & Test Planning and Strategy
  • Learning Test Case Design & Test Execution and Reporting
  • Understanding Quality Metrics & Test Automation
  • Gaining proficiency in Communication and Collaboration

Hands-on Experience with Tools

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Core Training Modules

  • 1. Agile Framework: 
  • This includes an overview of Agile development methodologies, such as Scrum, and how to apply them in a QA context.
  • 2. Software testing fundamentals: 
  • This includes an overview of different testing types (unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing), test design techniques, and test planning and execution.
  • 3. Test automation: 
  • This includes an introduction to automated testing tools, test scripting, and test execution.
  • 4. Defect management: 
  • This includes an overview of how to track and report defects, as well as how to prioritize and manage them.
  • 5. Test management:
  • This includes an overview of how to organize and manage testing activities, including test planning, test execution, and test reporting.
  • 6. Quality management: 
  • This includes an introduction to quality management methodologies, such as Six Sigma, and how to implement them in a corporate setting.
  • 7. Test methodologies:
  •  This includes an overview of different testing methodologies such as V-Model, Waterfall Model, and Agile Scrum, and how they can be applied.
  • 8. Test Case Design: 
  • This includes an overview of how to design and write effective test cases, and how to select the right test cases for different types of testing.
  • 9. Test Metrics: 
  • This includes an overview of how to measure the effectiveness of testing, the metrics to track, and how to use them to improve testing processes.
  • 10. Best practices and standards: 
  • This includes an overview of industry best practices and standards, such as ISO 9001, and how to implement them in a corporate setting.
  • 11. Testing for different platforms:
  • This includes an overview of how to test for different platforms like web, mobile, and embedded systems.

How does personalized training work?

Analyzing skill gap and assessing business requirements
Customising curriculum with core and additional modules to fit objectives
Supporting learning implementation with consulting

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Software developers
  • Testers
  • Project managers
  • Test Lead
  • Business analysts
  • Test Engineer
  • Test Automation Engineer
  • Performance Tester

Is this training right for your team?

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