Transition into a Cloud-First enterprise and modernise applications with Cloud Consulting

Cloud Adoption and Migration
Defining goals and assessing costs
Defining goals and assessing costs
Choosing the right cloud platform for you (single or multi-cloud)
Selecting the deployment model (IaaS, PaaS & SaaS)
Establishing performance baselines and planning data migration
Migrating applications
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Cloud Architecture Design
Assessing current workload and requirements
Identifying the right hybrid cloud strategy and platform suited for your business
Planning a cloud operating model and roadmap
Modelling and designing the architecture for performance and scalability
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Cloud Cost Optimisation
Reviewing current costs and setting budgets
Identifying unutilized and under-utilized resources
Right-sizing services and using reserved and spot instances
Utilizing serverless computing
Increasing spend visibility
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Comprehensive Cloud Management
Planning users, user accesses and network infrastructure
Deploying the network components needed to support the cloud environment
Configuring cloud platform and managing user accounts
Requesting services, keeping resources accessible and monitoring performance
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Which cloud environments do we secure?

Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud Platform
Digital Ocean
IBM Cloud

Is Cloud Consulting beneficial for you?

If you check any of these boxes, it’s time for a Cloud Transformation

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Our clients back our expertise in designing efficient Cloud Architectures and delivering resourceful cloud management strategies.
ABCD Sharma (President, ABCD)
“His subject knowledge is exceptional”

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What to expect with Uptut's Consulting?

Support delivered: when you need it, and how you need it.

Value Delivered
Strategic Plan of Action
Proof of Concept
Tool Setup & Optimisation
KPI Monitoring & insightful reports
Knowledge Transfer & Support

The Uptut Edge:
benefits surpassing industry standards

Experience in Consulting
Live Projects
Saving in Cost
Reduction in Defects
Reduction in Delivery Time

Personalization at each step:
so that you stand apart from competition

Step 1
360° Requirement Analysis
Gathering requirements, setting goals and defining vital KPIs
Analyzing current SDLC, IT Infrastructure, available resources and identified weaknesses
Understanding past initiatives and current practices in your organization
Scanning and identifying bottlenecks
Step 2
Process Design & Planning
Developing a detailed project plan
Forming an expert team
Tailored solution design outlining resources, timeline, architecture and results
Step 3
Executing solution
Tracking progress and providing complete visibility into the process
Sync-ups between teams for ongoing improvements and fixes
Step 4
Monitoring & Support
Continuous monitoring to ensure achievement of desired KPIs
Comprehensive Knowledge transfer to the team
Post implementation support to tackle any issues or challenges

Crucial Resource Savings. Flawless end products.

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