Protect your application against malware, injections and zero-day exploits with Security Consulting

The 2023 Global Threat Report identifies more than 200 adversaries that could be targeting your business, with a 95% increase in cloud exploitation.

In the current market scenario, Security practices are a non-negotiable for any business to protect data, reduce risks and save costs. At Uptut, we identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses in your software application, system, or network to protect it from phishing attacks, ransomware, malware, unauthorized access, data breaches, and other security threats.

Why Security Testing for your business?

Improve cyber defence capability
Reveal hidden risks and threats
Cost savings by early bugs detection
Increased demand for secure products

Uptut's Security Testing Roadmap

What do we test?

Network Service
Firewall, IDS/IPSs, Other Security Solutions
Application Protocol Interfaces (APIs)
Front-End & Back-End of Applications

Which tests do we perform?

Vulnerability Assessment

Identify as many defects as possible in a quick timeframe.

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Penetration Testing

Simulated attacks performed ethically to idenitfy threats in your application.

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Authentication Testing

Check if your authentication systems can be bypassed.

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Source Code Review

Examine the quality of your application's source code.

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Social Engineering Testing

Ensure no malicious activity can take place through human interactions.

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Cloud Security Assessment

Secure your cloud infrastructure from loopholes and security risks.

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Network Security Testing

Assess the security of devices, applications and services running on your network.

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API Security Testing

Identify potential vulnerabilities in your APIs and ways to fix them.

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The Uptut Edge : Our Differentiators

Each project personalised for your business

Unique processes: each service customised to serve your project
Choose one time or managed security consulting
Global support: work with consultants in your timezones

Outshine competition with expertise and technology

Expert consultants with average 10 years of experience across major industries
Best industry practices including OWASP, SOX, WASC and more
Next-gen technology for security testing including AI/ML and state-of-the-art tools

Get more than just an automated report.

Proactive threat modelling to have clear view of hidden threats and attacks
Multi-domain testing that covers web, desktop, mobile and client-server apps for enterprises
Summary reporting for key stakeholders and detailed security assessment for your technical team

Crucial Resource Savings. Flawless end products.

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