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AWS CDK (AWS Cloud Development Kit) Professional Training

AWS CDK (AWS Cloud Development Kit) Professional Training

Empowering teams to collaborate and iterate faster on AWS projects

Program Overview

AWS CDK (AWS Cloud Development Kit) is an open-source software development framework provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for defining cloud infrastructure in familiar programming languages. It allows developers to use languages such as TypeScript, Python, Java, and C# to define their AWS infrastructure as code.

With AWS CDK, developers can write reusable classes, called constructs, that represent AWS resources and define their relationships and configurations. These constructs are then synthesized into AWS CloudFormation templates, which are used to create and manage the existing infrastructure resources in AWS.

Uptut specializes in providing professional training for corporate teams, focusing on cutting-edge topics such as infrastructure as code (IaC) with a specific emphasis on AWS CDK. Our expertise lies in equipping organizations with the knowledge and skills needed to leverage the AWS CDK framework effectively for cloud infrastructure development.

By choosing Uptut for infrastructure as code training with AWS CDK, organizations can expect to equip their teams with the skills and knowledge needed to efficiently manage and scale their AWS infrastructure. Our goal is to empower organizations to embrace modern cloud infrastructure practices, accelerate their development cycles, and maximize the benefits of AWS CDK for their business success.

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Why AWS CDK (AWS Cloud Development Kit) for Your Business?

  • Simplified Infrastructure as Code: AWS CDK enables you to define your infrastructure using familiar programming languages. This makes it easier for developers to express their infrastructure needs using code, leveraging their existing skills and reducing the learning curve.
  • Productivity and Efficiency: By using AWS CDK, you can build infrastructure components as reusable constructs. It also enables teams to collaborate effectively by sharing and leveraging existing constructs across projects.
  • Flexibility and Customization: With AWS CDK, you can customize and fine-tune your infrastructure by directly manipulating the generated CloudFormation templates.

Make Your Team Proficient

Training Objectives

  • Gain a solid understanding of the principles and benefits of IaC
  • Familiarize yourself with the AWS CDK framework
  • Learn how to set up a development environment for working with AWS CDK
  • Acquire the skills to define and provision AWS resources using AWS CDK constructs and programming languages
  • Learn how to create and leverage reusable constructs in AWS CDK to build modular and scalable infrastructure components
  • Understand how to manage and organize infrastructure stacks using AWS CDK
  • Explore the integration capabilities of AWS CDK with various AWS services
  • Learn how to define and apply configurations to infrastructure resources
  • Gain insights into best practices for infrastructure as code

Hands-on Experience with Tools

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Core Training Modules

  • 1. Introduction to Infrastructure as Code (IaC): 
  • Embrace the power of code to define and manage your cloud infrastructure efficiently.
  • 2. Getting Started with AWS CDK: 
  • Dive into the basics of AWS CDK and its role in infrastructure provisioning.
  • 3. Defining Infrastructure with AWS CDK Constructs: 
  • Learn how to create and configure AWS resources using AWS CDK constructs.
  • 4. AWS CDK Project Setup and Deployment: 
  • Set up your development environment and deploy AWS CDK projects to the cloud.
  • 5. Infrastructure Stacks and Stack Management: 
  • Explore the concept of stacks and how to manage them using AWS CDK.
  • 6. Infrastructure Composition and Reusability: 
  • Harness AWS CDK constructs' reusability and composability features for efficient infrastructure design.
  • 7. Integrating AWS Services with AWS CDK: 
  • Understand how to integrate various AWS services into your infrastructure using AWS CDK.
  • 8. Infrastructure Configuration and Parameterization: 
  • Customize and parameterize your infrastructure to adapt to different environments and requirements.
  • 9. Infrastructure Testing and Validation: 
  • Learn strategies for testing and validating your AWS CDK infrastructure code.
  • 10. Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) with AWS CDK: 
  • Implement CI/CD practices to automate infrastructure deployments using AWS CDK.
  • 11. Security and Compliance Considerations: 
  • Explore best practices for securing and ensuring compliance with your AWS CDK infrastructure.
  • 12. Monitoring and Debugging AWS CDK Infrastructures: 
  • Gain insights into monitoring, logging, and troubleshooting techniques for AWS CDK deployments.
  • 13. Infrastructure Updates and Rollbacks: 
  • Master the process of updating and rolling back AWS CDK infrastructure stacks.
  • 14. Infrastructure Optimization and Cost Management: 
  • Optimize your AWS CDK infrastructure for performance, scalability, and cost-efficiency.
  • 15. Advanced AWS CDK Features and Best Practices: 
  • Explore advanced features and best practices for advanced usage of AWS CDK in real-world scenarios.

How does personalized training work?

Analyzing skill gap and assessing business requirements
Customising curriculum with core and additional modules to fit objectives
Supporting learning implementation with consulting

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Developers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Cloud Architects
  • Infrastructure Engineers
  • Technical Managers
  • System Administrators

Is this training right for your team?

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