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API Automation Testing with Karate Framework

API Automation Testing with Karate Framework

Streamline Your API Testing Process with Karate Framework: A Comprehensive Corporate Training for Automated Testing

Program Overview

API automation testing with the Karate framework aims to ensure that the APIs function as intended, meet their specifications and can handle the expected workload. API testing is important because APIs play a vital role in modern software development and are used to integrate different systems and services.

Karate is an open-source framework for API testing and automation. It is built on top of Cucumber and provides a powerful and expressive syntax for testing web services. Karate supports both REST and SOAP APIs, and its features include the ability to easily create mock servers, generate reports, and run tests in parallel.

Uptut is a leading provider of professional training solutions for corporate organizations, helping businesses to upskill their workforce and stay ahead of the competition. Our training module on API automation testing with Karate Framework is designed to equip participants with the necessary skills to automate the testing of APIs, thereby improving the quality of your software products.

The uniqueness of our training lies in the fact that it is tailored specifically to the needs of each corporate client. Our experienced trainers work closely with clients to understand their specific requirements and customize the training program accordingly. This ensures that teams receive training that is relevant to their job roles and business needs.

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Why API Automation Testing with Karate Framework for your Business?

  • Faster and More Efficient Testing: With API automation testing using Karate Framework, you can automate the testing process and significantly reduce testing time. This enables faster delivery of software products.
  • Increased Test Coverage: API automation testing with Karate Framework allows you to test a large number of scenarios thus ensuring that your software products are thoroughly tested and free of bugs and issues.
  • Improved Quality: By automating API testing with Karate Framework, you can ensure that your software products meet the highest quality standards.

Make Your Team Proficient

Training Objectives

  • Gain an understanding of API testing fundamentals and automation's benefits.
  • Understanding the features and capabilities of the Karate Framework.
  • Learn how to use Karate Framework to automate API testing for functional, performance, and security testing.
  • Develop and implement test scripts for RESTful APIs using Karate syntax.
  • Understanding the principles of Behavior Driven Development (BDD) and how to use them with the Karate Framework.
  • Learn how to use Karate Framework to integrate API testing with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines.

Hands-on Experience with Tools

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Core Training Modules

  • 1. Introduction to API automation testing:
  • An overview of what API automation testing is and its importance.
  • 2.Overview of the Karate Framework:
  • A high-level introduction to Karate and its key features.
  • 3. Setting up and configuring Karate:
  • Guidance on how to set up and configure Karate in your environment.
  • 4. Writing API tests using Karate's Gherkin-based syntax:
  • An introduction to Karate's Gherkin-based syntax for writing API tests.
  • 5. Advanced Karate features, including data-driven testing, parallel execution, and reporting:
  • An overview of advanced features available in Karate for efficient testing.
  • 6. Verifying API responses and handling errors with Karate:
  • How to validate API responses and handle errors in Karate.
  • 7. Testing RESTful APIs with Karate:
  • How to use Karate to test RESTful APIs.
  • 8. Testing SOAP APIs with Karate:
  • How to use Karate to test SOAP APIs.
  • 9. Mocking APIs for testing with Karate:
  • How to use Karate to create mocks for testing APIs.
  • 10. Integrating Karate with CI/CD pipelines:
  • How to integrate Karate with CI/CD pipelines for automated testing.
  • 11. Best practices for API automation testing with Karate:
  • Industry best practices for API automation testing using Karate.
  • 12. Common challenges and solutions for API testing with Karate:
  • Common challenges faced during API testing and how to overcome them in Karate.
  • 13. Comparing Karate with other API testing frameworks:
  • Comparison of Karate with other popular API testing frameworks.
  • 14. Case studies and examples of Karate usage in real-world projects:
  • Real-world examples of how Karate has been used to test APIs.
  • 15. Tips and tricks for effective use of Karate in API automation testing:
  • Tips and tricks to improve the efficiency of Karate tests.
  • 16. Karate test structure and organization:
  • Best practices for organizing Karate tests.
  • 17. Creating test suites and running them with Karate:
  • How to create test suites and run them with Karate.
  • 18. Building custom test assertions in Karate:
  • How to build custom assertions in Karate for more effective testing.
  • 19. Best practices for writing maintainable and scalable Karate tests:
  • Best practices for writing maintainable and scalable Karate tests.
  • 20. Exploring the various features of the Karate framework in-depth:
  • Such as parallel execution, cross-platform testing, and integration with other libraries.
  • 21. Real-world case studies of using Karate for automating API testing in various industries and domains:
  • Such as finance, healthcare, and e-commerce.

How does personalized training work?

Analyzing skill gap and assessing business requirements
Customising curriculum with core and additional modules to fit objectives
Supporting learning implementation with consulting

Who will benefit from this training?

  • Software developers
  • Testers
  • Quality Assurance professionals
  • DevOps engineers
  • Project Managers
  • Business Analysts
  • IT Consultants

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