We delivered, they progressed

Russell Williams (Agile Talent Lead EMEA at Cprime) | linkedin

I highly recommend Saurabh for their outstanding delivery Of technical software training to students. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with him during my visit to India, Hyderabad in the spring of 2023. Saurabh displayed charisma, control and adaptability when faced with a large cohort of very excited students. Saurabh possesses a deep understanding of the subject matter and excels in breaking down complex concepts into easily understandable content. His engaging teaching style, excellent communication skills, and commitment to student success make them a top-notch trainer. I highly recommend Saurabh for any software training needs.

Edward Kimani (Director, Innovation & Technology at NLS Tech Solutions) | linkedin

"The training is triggering and expanded our team's thought process"

Our motivation for taking up training from Uptut was specifically for a certain project, and the training proved to be a key element in allowing our team to discuss the project with our clients from a point of knowledge. I felt that the value-addition the training provided was definitely worth our investment. The best part about Uptut's training is that it is very collaborative and brings the team together for exercises, questions and discussions. We are surely planning to take up more training programs from Uptut!

Damien Reddy (Project and Strategic Management, Noble Prog) | linkedin

“He has a promising future”

I’m happy to recommend Saurabh for any project involving DevOps and Software testing. Saurabh has worked with us since 2020 and successfully delivered more than 50 training projects to us. Besides being a joy to work with, Saurabh is a take-charge person who was able to translate complex processes into creative solutions and communicate the benefits of our organization. He is an organized and customer-service-oriented perfectionist and had no issue meeting tight deadlines on short notice. Whenever I had a problem there has never been a time he has left me without a solution. Whatever the issue was, he always came up with a smart, elegant, and cost-effective way forward. Saurabh would be an asset to any project he joins, and we would have no hesitation in working with him again.

Saba (Training Manager, NobleProg - Middle East and Africa) | linkedin

“Result-oriented approach”

We engaged with Saurabh to deliver a DevOps training program to our team, and we are extremely impressed with the results. He has a deep understanding of the subject matter and was able to convey complex concepts to our team. The team could witness great improvement in the overall workflow as a result of the training. We highly recommend Saurabh as a trainer and consultant.

ParamJeet kaur (Product Owner, Agile Cockpit) | linkedin

“He is adept in the technological domain”

I am writing to express my gratitude for the outstanding Cypress automation training Uptut recently provided to our team. Our team was particularly impressed by how the trainer explained complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner. His hands-on approach and customised training curriculum helped the team implement the learnings directly into the project. I would highly recommend Uptut to anyone looking for knowledgeable and engaging lectures on the subject of QA.

Michael Taylor (Senior Director of Programs and Instruction, Coding Dojo) | linkedin

“Satisfactory approach”

In the Summer and fall of 2022, I had the pleasure of supporting Saurabh as he mentored Saudi Arabian students through DevOps professional training. Saurabh provided support to students both onsite and online, applying his time management skills and keen eye for student’s needs, to ensure students received the coaching they needed regardless of learning methods. With years of industry experience behind him, Saurabh produces content for his students that is engaging and relevant to the modern workforce.

Diana Golyash(Project Manager,Coding Dojo) | linkedin

“He is revolutionary in his methods”

Saurabh has emerged to be one of the most successful trainers in DevOps. He did a tremendous job in training learners and helping them upskill with his engaging teaching methods. He delivers quality content with his unique way of instructing in a practical, clear-cut manner that helps learners visualize, hence making them understand better.

James Parratt (COO, Codification) | linkedin

“His passion for teaching is infectious!”

We partnered with Saurabh to deliver technical training across the field of test Automation to one of our key clients. He continually impressed us with his expertise and professionalism; we got great feedback from the delegates on both training delivery and the utility of the learning itself. The training was fully interactive and engaging, as a result, our client came away with a solid foundation in QA practices and test automation across all layers of the tech stack. We look forward to working with him in the future.

Richard Smith (Founder, Codification) | linkedin

“His subject knowledge is exceptional”

Saurabh, as a technical trainer in a successful team that provided a DevOps training program, did an excellent job teaching Docker, Ansible and Terraform to 300 learners of our prestigious client. He has a deep understanding of the subject and was able to clearly convey complex concepts in an easy manner. The training was well-organized and interactive, and the learners came away with a solid foundation in DevOps practices.



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