Efficiently deliver high-end applications and minimise errors with Release Management.

Puppet’s State of DevOps report found that organisations with an efficient release management process have a 440 times faster lead time from committing code to deploying it to production.

It is a key process of planning, scheduling, coordinating, and deploying software releases, ensuring that updates, enhancements, and bug fixes are delivered to end-users or customers with minimal disruptions and risks.

At Uptut, we take the output from your CI/CD pipelines and plan their deployment to staging and production in a way that results in minimal risks and efficient timelines. Trust Uptut’s DevOps experts to deliver software efficiently, reliably, and with high quality.

Why Release Management for your business?

Jet-speed time-to-market by automating and streamlining the release process.
Reduce downtime by minimizing the risk of production incidents.
Save costs of lost revenue and the need for manual interventions.
Improve feedback loop by continuously releasing smaller, incremental changes.

Uptut's Release Management Roadmap

The Uptut Edge : Our Differentiators


Each project personalised for you

Unique processes customised to fit your project
Choose one-time or sustained design consulting
Global support: work with consultants in your timezones

Expertise that positions you at the top of the market

Best practices implemented by experts with 10 years of average experience across major industries
Carefully designed CI/CD pipelines and release management process that aligns with your business objectives and maximises performance.
Next-gen tech stack to support efficient deliveries
mangement image

Get more than just a report.

Detect issues faster and make them easier, quicker, and cheaper to resolve.
Always be updated on state of pipeline and current deliverables
Get more visibility into bottlenecks, capacity to deliver and costs.

Crucial Resource Savings. Flawless end products.

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