Hi, meet Saurabh!

Saurabh is a DevOps consultant and trainer, with an entrepreneurial streak that led to him founding Uptut.

What learners love about him:
His talent for breaking down complex data into easy-to-grasp concepts, Collaborative teaching, Hands-on approach.

What Colleagues love about him:
Always there with a helping hand, ready with a fresh perspective, his gregarious personality, clicks insta-worthy pictures of the team

How the journey began

At an age when most of us are running to multiple tuitions for our board exams, Saurabh started tutoring his cousins and friends. Gradually, he honed his skills by tutoring college students.

What started as a casual teenage activity, soon developed into a passion and career.

Kicking off his professional innings

Saurabh's time as a true engineering student can be credited for his understanding of a learner's experiences.
(He has a B.Tech degree in Electronics and Communications to confirm it.)

He began his professional journey with HCL Technologies as Software Engineer, which helped him explore the potential of automation testing on a global platform.

A map to Saurabh's 12 Year-Long Career

Saurabh has conducted enterprise transformation drives and contributed to the development of industry leaders like:

During his tenure in IT, he identified that most professionals were in dire need of expanding their skill-sets to
excel at their jobs.

Being a trainer himself, he knew that training solutions in the market were not enough to bridge this gap.
(Spoiler Alert: He's on his way to fixing it 🚀)

In the last 12 years, Saurabh has:

👨‍🏫 Initiated classrooms at workplaces to support associates with automation
🌐 Travelled across 10+ cities to deliver training
🔼 Increased conversion rates of training as a Test Automation and DevOps expert
🗺️ Acquired a bird's eye view of the industry's ecosystem with his diverse experience
👩‍🎓 Helped 50,000+ learners with top-rated courses on Udemy and Coursera
🤹🏻 Sharpened his ability to manage learners from varied experience levels

Saurabh's philosophy

His thumb-rule for learning:
One learns by doing, not by learning to do

Saurabh believes there is an
untapped potential within each of us that could expand exponentially,
if nurtured the right way.

And then came Uptut

The idea of Uptut struck during the wave of online learning in times of the pandemic.

Uptut, which started as Mirav Academy, is Saurabh's passion project to:

🖥️ Spread awareness about DevOps as a career path for learners who believe they are stuck with coding
📈 Give professionals the support they need to expand their skills and move ahead in their careers

Saurabh's current to-do's include:
Improving in the niche
Entering new domains
Making learning as easy as possible


DevOps, QA, simplifying concepts, dedication to teaching and his bird's eye view of the industry

His proudest

Running into his students wherever he goes

Talk to him about:

DevOps, Technology, Photography, Travel.
He's all ears to discuss
about anything new!

+91 92679 97641
WeWork, 32nd Milestone,
Sector-15, Gurugram
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phone+91 92679 97641
location-dotWeWork, 32nd Milestone,Sector-15, Gurugram India
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phone+91 92679 97641
locationWeWork, 32nd Milestone, Sector-15, Gurugram India
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