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Docker for Containerization

Docker for Containerization

Docker provides a simple and consistent way to build, ship, and run containerized applications for your team.
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Docker is the world’s leading software container platform. It was launched in 2013 by a company called Dotcloud, Inc which was later renamed Docker, Inc. It is written in the Go language. Docker is a platform for developing, shipping, and running container applications.

Curious about Containers?

Containerization is OS-based virtualization that creates multiple virtual units in the userspace, known as Containers.They are lightweight, portable, and self-sufficient environments that can run on any infrastructure. They allow developers to package an application and its dependencies together, making it easy to move the application between development, testing, and production environments. 

Why should you choose Docker?

Cost savings: Docker allows you to use fewer resources than virtual machines for running multiple applications on the same machine, which can lead to cost savings.

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